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2024 Window Cleaning Deals
LIMITED Time Offers
Deals End December 31st, 2024

  Please indicate on the form below
which 2024 Window Cleaning Deal you're interested in.
New Customer Special: 20 Windows Cleaned - Inside, Outside & Window Ledges for $199.00
Deal #1: 30 Regular Windows Cleaned - Inside, 
Outside & Window Ledges for $240.00

Deal #2: Windows with Fixed Dividers Cleaned Inside, Outside & Window Ledges for $285.00
Deal #3: 20 Windows with Fixed Dividers and
Storm Windows cleaned inside, outside & window ledges
for $495.00

Senior Special (65 and Older): 20 Windows Cleaned Inside & Outside, & Window Ledges for $179.00

     Please keep in mind the following: 
Regular double hung windows are $11.00 per window over 20

Windows with fixed dividers are $13.50 per window over 20

Windows with fixed dividers & storm windows are
$25.00 per window over 20

Senior Special double hung windows are $11.00 per window over 20

Window screen cleaning are $3.50 per screen

Set of French doors are $20.00  

Set of sliding glass doors are $20.00

No Credit Card Needed...Payment will be collected after work is completed 

When you fill in your information and hit "Please Contact Me"

your details will be emailed to Best Window Cleaning. We will call you

within 48 hours to schedule a date for your window cleaning

and answer any questions.

The Fine Print


  • Remember that you are being charged Deal prices, not the Regular window cleaning prices. 

  • All pets that are NOT friendly to strangers MUST be secured upon our arrival.  Any friendly pets who constantly require attention and are a distraction to employees of Best Window Cleaning must also be secured. No Exceptions.


  • If any windows have to be accessed by a front, side, or back yard that has dog feces in the areas we will not clean your windows...No Exceptions.    


  • Employees and/or contractors of Best Window Cleaning have the right to refuse to clean your windows upon arrival at your home for the following reasons:


  • We are not able to reach your windows due to excess clutter.


  • If your windows are exceptionally dirty.

  • Your windows are more than 15 years old and in need of repair or replacement.

  • Animal feces that has not been removed in the front of back yard where we need to walk in order to clean your windows from the outside.


  • Unwilling to secure your pet at the request of Best Window Cleaning.


  • Dog that is constantly barking and is unruly.

  • If there is an exceptional amount of clutter blocking easy access to the windows.


  • Your home/condo/apartment is unclean and untidy by reasonable standards


  • Blinds or window treatments that are broken, loose, or in some form of disrepair.


  • Windows that have broken seals where there is fog or condensation in between the glass.

  • Illness: If you or one of our employees are sick with a cold or flu we will reschedule your window cleaning appointment.

  • If we refuse to clean your windows you will be issued a refund within 5 business days if you prepaid for you window cleaning.


  • Deal cannot be applied to current/ past jobs or combined with other specials/offers.


  • A double hung window (one on top of another that generally slides up and down) counts as 1 window and a "crank out" window ( two pieces of glass that are side by side) counts as 1 window.


  • Limited to one deal per household; 3 additional. Deals may be purchased as  gifts for separate households.


  • Appointments are to be scheduled & performed during normal business hours, and are made on first-call, first-serve basis.


  • Deal is for residential service only.


  • Deal covers up to 25 interior/exterior windows. Additional windows will only be $9.50 per window during the same visit. Additional window fees to be collected at time of service.


  • Best Window Cleaning will not clean chandeliers. We do not clean skylights unless they are easily accessible.


  • Addtional cost for the cleaning of sliding glass doors and french doors.


  • Addtional cost for cleaning storm windows and skylights. We DO NOT clean skylights where the roof is too steep to safely stand on.


  • Deal DOES NOT include removal of hard water stains, paint removal and post construction cleaning. NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • There is an additional cost for removal of haze off the windows due to oxidation from the metal screens which can be removed using oven cleaner at an additional cost of $12 per window. This service will be performed only with the homeowners approval.


  • "Cut Outs" or "True Divided Lights" and "Storm Windows" could incur an additional cost between $3.50 to $10.00 per window.


  • Customer has until December 31st 2024 to redeem their Deal. No Exceptions.



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